I am Alyssa
I am a singer
I am a dancer
I am a spider and ladybug catcher
I am a lover of animals and playtime in the park
I am Alyssa

Alyssa has HLHS. She is alive today because of the research that has been done regarding congenital heart defects. Future research will allow even more children with CHD’s to lead healthy and productive lives.

I am Cody
I am a horseback rider
I am a swimmer
I am a ladybug catcher
I am a lover of life and all that it has to offer
I am Cody

is age 4, Tricuspid Atresia (HRHS)
Because of modern technology, surgeons have been able to “fix” many hearts. In the past fifteen years, the survival rate has increased dramatically for our heart kids. Because of research, many of these kids live a very normal, happy life!

I am Dylan
I am a berry picker
I am an explorer
I am a ball player and swimmer
I am a lover of all balloons and my brothers
I am Dylan

age 16 months, Aortic Stenosis
Balloon Valvuloplasty when I was 10 weeks old helped to repair my bicuspid valve and my progress continues to look terrific.

I am Gavyn
I am a joker
I am a puzzle master
I am a lover of books, music and vegetables
I am a maker of great animal sounds
I am Gavyn

age 2, coarctation of the aorta, aortic arch hypoplasia, ventricular septal defect, aortic valve and subaortic stenosis. After I was born, I came home from the hospital with undiagnosed complex congenital heart disease and two weeks later required emergency open-heart surgery. Research for early detection will help to improve outcomes for children like me

I am Finn
I am a ladybug catcher
I am a conductor of trains
I am a drummer in a rock-and-roll band
I am a golfer
I am a lover of the moon, swingsets and my brother
I am Finn

3 1/2, Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS)
Through research, surgeons have discovered new ways to repair my heart. 15 years ago survival of HLHS was rare. Today over 70% of children with HLHS not only survive, we THRIVE!